Install Bad Wolf Color for Vim

| August 14th, 2015

So we have a good color for vim which give your more visualization about vim editor.

Bad Wolf looks like a good candidate

Here is the instruction how to install color for vim

1. Copy colors/badwolf.vim to ~/.vim/colors/badwolf.vim; create directories if needed. Alternatively, git clone into ~/.vim/bundles/ and use the Pathogen package manager, or specify the repository with the Vundle package manager, etc.

2. In your ~/.vimrc, put / replace any existing :colorscheme command with:
colorscheme badwolf

Here is my .vimrc

set nocompatible
syntax on

set mouse=a " use the mouse, luke
set history=700 " keep 700 lines of command history

set incsearch
set ignorecase
set smartcase

" use 256 colors
set t_Co=256

" highlight search results
set hlsearch
hi Search ctermbg=54
" display line numbers
" set number
set ruler
"hightlight cursor line
set cursorline
set background=dark
syntax enable
colorscheme badwolf

" Use spaces instead of tabs
set expandtab

" Be smart when using tabs 😉
set smarttab

" 1 tab == 4 spaces
set shiftwidth=4
set tabstop=4

set ai "Auto indent
set si "Smart indent
set wrap "Wrap lines

" respect modeline settings
set modeline

" Treat long lines as break lines (useful when moving around in them)
map j gj
map k gk

imap jj <Esc>
map ; :

" open new splits right and bottom
set splitbelow
set splitright

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