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Here is example config of gitolite to denied the access of specific group to specific branch.

My config, that is working now:

@gatekeepers = ustimenko
@developers  = ustimenko user1 user2
@deployers   = puppet

@project     = repo1
@project     = cakephp

repo @project
    RW+                 = @gatekeepers
    R   master develop  = @developers
    -   master develop  = @developers
    RW+                 = @developers
    R                   = @deployers

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These are more compact and versatile forms of Hamish’s answer. They handle any mixture of upper and lower case letters:

read -r -p "Are you sure? [y/N] " response
case $response in

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ADD a route

sudo route add -net gw netmask dev eth1

DELETE a route

sudo route del -net gw netmask dev eth1

Target: http://www.domain.local
Header: X-Server
Max concurrency: 10

=== Response status ===
[100%] [673/673] 200 OK

=== Response header X-Server ===
[13%] [90/673] 1
[9%] [62/673] 2 web01.local
[4%] [33/673] 3 web02.local
[6%] [47/673] 4 web03.local
[9%] [62/673] 5 web04.local
[7%] [48/673] 6 web05.local

If you want to have the result like above. Here is a great tools suggession

We can use it to have the summary of request of your system working under LB

Hello world!

| June 18th, 2015

Hello World, i’ve came back.

Last time, i also wrote a blog but my server got crash and all local backup was gone. Then i had to start from scratch again 🙂

Hope thought my some experiences posted could help to solve your problem quickly.

Feel free to ping if you need any help.
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